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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:21 am


Repetitive Characters – All members should have a variety in the characters they create. If everyone in the community stayed as one type of character forever (such as a cop, criminal, etc.) then every roleplay would be the same and people would get bored with it.

This rule requires that members cannot have 3 characters in a row of the same type. You may be a criminal two times in a row but you cannot do it 3 times.

Anyone violating this policy will have their character terminated. Anyone refusing to change will face disciplinary action.

Random Death Matching - You cannot just walk around killing other players with no purpose.
Example: You walk into a Burger Shot, pull out your pistol and kill another player. THIS CANNOT BE DONE unless you have a valid roleplay reason.

Fear Factor - If someone pulls a weapon out on you, you aren't allowed to bring out a weapon of your own unless they say so. You must obey rule-compliant instructions given by this person.
Example: Swag points a gun at you and tells you to sit down. You must restrain from pulling out a gun and follow his instructions to sit down.

Metagaming - Using Out Of Character knowledge to further your roleplay character's experience. 
Example: You read on the forum that a player you are trying to kill lives in Niko's Alderney house. You MAY NOT go to the house in Alderney to kill him unless someone tells you this information in-game.

In addition to this rule, entering the roleplay world your HUD must be turned off. If accusations are constantly brought against you for knowing the locations of others you will be BANNED.

New Life Rule - When you are killed or knocked out, you have no knowledge as to where you were upon death, who killed you, why they killed you, and how they killed you unless you are informed by the person who killed you. You remember everything else.
Example: Officer Mike shoots Dillon in a setup drug deal. Dillon cannot go to the Officer Mike and express anger or revenge kill because he has no memory that the Officer Mike did anything to him.

Money Farming – You may not just simply use your character to acquire money and not do anything else. You may be a hard-working character, but working 100% of the roleplay and never spending money is not acceptable.

Revenging Killing - If you are sent to the hospital or knocked out by another player, you may not find them and kill them in response to your previous death.
Example: Swag kills you with a roleplay purpose. When you get out of the hospital you drive to his location and shoot him. This CANNOT be done as you lost your memory.

Asspulling - You cannot pull a two-handed weapon out of thin air. If you want to use an AK-47 in a firefight, you must exit a vehicle or retrieve it from a location and continue to hold it until you store it again. Two-handed guns may be stored in cars or houses if you wish to not hold it anymore. This doesn't apply to one handed weapons.
Example: Mike gets a tipoff that police will be raiding his home. He sees them while he is standing in the middle of the street and switches to his AK. This isn't allowed unless he runs to a car that he stored it in to retrieve it.

Car Killing – Vehicles may only be used to kill people when you make a player kill attempt against them. If a pedestrian throws themselves in the way (regardless of accidental or intentional) the player would not be breaking the rule, however in-character the driver may face legal action. You cannot spontaneously run someone over with your vehicle, as it must be a player kill.

Example: Mike sees a rival gang member walking in the sidewalk. Mike accelerates the vehicle, drives on the sidewalk, and kills the gang member. This ISN'T ALLOWED because this was spontaneous and not a player kill.

Item Use - Don't use what you don't have. You can't use a shotgun/vest/drug...etc. if you don't actually own it.
Example: Mike sells Dillon some weed but Mike never purchased or planted any weed to sell. This CANNOT be done because Mike never had weed in the first place.

Player Executing - You MUST have a legitimate reason for a player execution. A grudge or annoyance is not enough to take away all of the effort that someone put into their characters' lives and business. This reason must be stated to an administrator and verified by them. If this rule is broken your character can be terminated from the game. However you are allowed to act under the heat of the moment. If a situation arises where you are put in a position to kill someone whom previously did you wrong you can override the Execution rule because a turn of event led you to a perfect roleplay moment. This means that you can only commit the player execution if the person presents themselves to you and not if you went looking for them; if you are seen going out of your way to force interaction with someone you are trying to kill them in the heat of the moment, then you will be punished.

If the player you are seeking to execute is a staff member or there is no administrator in the game, you may ask another staff member.

Example with pre-meditation: You are gang member. Officer Mike keeps harassing you and assaults you on numerous occasions. You talk to an admin and state that you wish to player kill/execute him. They approve and you player kill/execute Officer Mike. This is allowed because you asked an administrator and your player kill was approved.

Example without pre-meditation: You are a gang member. A rival gang member has put a price on your head and attacked you earlier in the game. You find him completely by himself wandering around on a road. You capture him and bring him to a secure location then execute him. This is allowed because you had roleplay reason for the kill and the circumstances put you in a position to roleplay out a proper situation.

Fighting – If two players are in an altercation, this is how a fight would roleplay out:

If Person A punches Person B three times in a row, and Person B doesn’t punch back, Person B would be knocked out. That person must report back to the location where they were knocked out. See the Knockout rule for more information.

If Person A punches Person B, and Person B is able to punch back or dodge the punch, they are in a fist-fight. They can break up the fight, or continue until one of them is knocked out, or killed in the game. The person who is knocked out must then report back to the location where they were knocked out.

You must be realistic and play your role when it comes to fighting like this. It is not realistic for one player to dominate over another player. The victim of an attack must have a chance to fight back.

Knocking Out – A person is considered knocked out and unconscious when they are punched 3 times consecutively without any reaction, or when a person is killed but not player executed.

Capturing - If you wish to capture a player you must capture them by:
-Fear Factor (taking them at gunpoint)
-Knocking them out (3 repetitive punches)

Example: Swag and Dillon are having a verbal argument. Swag pulls out a gun and points it at Dillon. Swag now is in control of Dillon because of fear factor.

Play Your Role - You must abide by the rules of your chosen characters lifestyle. This means that if you are a civilian, you will not be participating in large scale drug trafficking, firefights with the cops, or robbing other players. If you do murder someone, it must be with roleplay purposes (they robbed you/threatened your life...etc.). Do as a real life equivalent of your character would do in everyday life.

Robbing and Scamming - You can rob a maximum of $500. You can scam a maximum of $10,000. There is no limit to how many weapons, drugs and cargo you can rob. You are not allowed to kill a player while or after robbing/scamming them unless they bring it upon themselves by showing attitude or non-compliance. If you have been robbed or scammed, you are allowed to rob back the things you have lost.

Money loaning and ILLEGAL gambling is done at your own risk and is not protected by the level requirements, money limits and scam restrictions described in this rule. Admins will not help you if you lend money to other people and they do not return it, or if your money gets stolen while you are gambling. If a person runs off with your money or gets banned, then the things with that person are gone. Only give your stuff to people you trust and only gamble if you are willing to accept a potential loss.
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PostSubject: Re: Roleplay Rules   Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:57 pm

Robbery and scamming rules added.
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Roleplay Rules
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