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 Rules of Engagement

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PostSubject: Rules of Engagement   Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:44 pm




1. You are only allowed to attack another faction by drive by or foot attack once every 24 hours (IG time).

( In these attacks you have to hit and run, means you can't drive around the area or pass by more than once you must shoot and leave. No circling the block or making sure everyone is dead.)

2. You must have at least 2 people in each attack from your faction and 2 from the opposing faction. 


1. Guns are NOT allowed in brawls period, if you pull a weapon in a brawl you will be warned.

2. Brawls can occur at any time, but MUST be agreed upon by BOTH parties.

Before stepping into official war you must have a legit reason, you will have to let a faction admin know that you going onto official war with the following information: Against who, when, why, updated roster of both yours and the other's side, and make sure the other leader is aware about this. You are /NOT/ allowed to start an official war without an Admins permission, this is to make sure it is documented in the correct way and we (the staff) know about the war.


1. You can go out to some other faction area and tag their hood, cause damage to the buildings there or whatever you want but keep it realistic. This means that you don't drive around an area with a car shouting random stuff at them, that is unrealistic.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

If you think you can add anything to the rules, fix add remove anything, please PM about it and I promise to check it.
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Rules of Engagement
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